The production team for METAMORPHOSIS VR is coming together,  Currently it is lead by FOUNTAINBLUE FILMS, under the design and direction of SUDIP JOSHY and GEETIKA SUDIP, and technical leadership of ROB MORGAN.  We anticipate a number of strategic partnerships, both for the traditional framed media (TFM) and the VR media (VRM) aspects. On the VRM side of things, we are in talks with Oculus,Samsung, Dolby and others.


On the TFM side of things, we anticipate aligning with an ideal premium/OTT media platform, such as HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, etc.


The core to METAMORPHOSIS’s success will be the exceptional story/production it has to offer in the traditional framed media (TFM) format, with the VR media (VRM) being the extraordinary bonus to an otherwise perfect show.


FUNDING:  We are seeking strategic and financial partners. To discuss,contact us.

PRODUCTION: Currently we anticipate shooting the VRM (drone) content first, in a location such as Padmanabhapuram Palace,Kerala, and then shooting theTFM (human) content in the Studios, letting the actors ‘experience’ the VRM as their characters would.  This is preliminary.  The production team will be experienced with mini-series of this sort, and as such will make the line production decisions.

Budget & Funding

At this stage, we are budgeting the film for $3M for final production.  As the pre-production process advances, a preliminary budget will come into focus.  The sources of the budget are currently being identified, but will likely be from a combination of strategic partners (tech companies with an interest in METAMORPHOSIS) and institutional/private investment funds.

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