Glimpses of Kerala | Kollam |Kalaripayattu

Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest martial art forms of Kerala, has its origin in Yajur Veda and was handed over to disciples directly by masters known as ‘Kalari Gurukkals’. Kollam is known for its long relationship with Thekkan Kalari Mura. (There is another branch of Kalaripayattu viz Vadakkan.) Here in this 360 Degree video, Kollam’s very own theatre genius P Balachandran narrates you more about Kollam and its fond relationship with Kalaripayattu.

Glimpses of Kerala | Thrissur

The land known far and wide for Thrissur Pooram is also the abode of Kalamandalam and tourism destinations like Athirappilly waterfalls. Here in this 360 Degree video, Rima Kallingal will take you to Kalamandalam and Athirappilly Waterfalls. You can also watch a stunning dance performance ‘Shivoham’ by Rima Kallingal and her students at Mamangam School of Dance.This special dance form is inspired by the attributes of Siva. Rima gives all credits to her motherland Thrissur for taking her to the path of dance and dance schools.


Glimpses of Kerala | Kottayam

Set in the backdrop of the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom and its charming backwaters remain one of the finest tourist attractions in Kottayam. Kumarakom woos every tourist with its matchless beauty and facilities like houseboat and resorts. Tourists flowing from far and wide remain a proof for its fame. Now here is a 360 Degree video bringing you the best of sceneries and highlights of Kumarakom Tourism. So go through this 360 Degree video … and enjoy the beauty and charm of Kumarakom.

Glimpses of Kerala | Kasargod | Sanusha, Sanoop

Kasaragod district is popular for its renowned tourist destinations like Bekal Fort, Bekal Beach, Ananthapura Temple Lake, Madhur Temple, Malikdeenar Mosque, Malom, Chandragiri Fort, and lots more. However the land is popularly called and renowned for its language diversity. People of Kasaragod use seven different languages namely Malayalam, Tulu, Beary Bashe, Kannada, Marathi and Konkani. Here Actor siblings Sanusha and Sanoop Santhosh takes you along the shores of Bekal beach explaining the history of the land. This is our third video  from the series titled Glimpses of Kerala, about 14 districts of Kerala.



Watch the AUTO EXPO 2016 NEW DELHI in complete 360 degree Virtual reality


The Toyota Innova 2016



Toyota Innova Crysta launch                                          Chevorlet

Hyundai Gran Turismo                                                      Audi

Land Rover                                                                            Fiat

Innova Interiors                                                                  Isuzu

BMW                                                                                       Ford

Mercedes Benz                                                                    Eicher

Benelli                                                                                    Honda

Hyundai                                                                                  Indian

Piaggio Vespa                                                                        Mahindra

Maruti                                                                                     Nissan

Scania                                                                                      Tata

Toyota                                                                                     Triumph

TVS                                                                                          Jaguar

Jeep                                                                                         Yamaha

Kerala 360 VR

The first Immersive 360 VR videos about the beautiful land of Kerala.

26Kerala, the surreal tropical paradise, is truly enigmatic and beautiful. The state of Kerala sits in sharp contrast to the rest of India with its highest literacy rate, women outnumbering the number of men, newspaper readership among the highest in the world, world-class health care systems and being the most developed society in India.

2With the Arabian Sea in the west, Western Ghats towering 500-2700 meters in the east and a network of 44 rivers cutting across the state, it is Kerala’s unique geographical features that make it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. The state is divided into 14 districts, all of which offer unique combinations of – shimmering backwaters, bio-diversity hotspots, tropical forests, golden sand beaches, historic monuments, Wildlife Reserves et cetera.
We are making a 360 IMMERSIVE content about the land of Kerala, for a popular news media channel.


The project will be executed in three parts when. The major cultural and historical relevance of Indian civilization will be portrayed in the first 14 experience videos about Kerala.

The second stage will comprise of entertainment videos, pranks and documentaries.

The third stage will be making of immersive content for educational purposes, psychological therapy & interior designing for the same client

Production of Metamorphosis VR

The First Fully Immersive 360 VR Cinema of India is getting ready. Know more about the team and the plan


The production team for METAMORPHOSIS VR is coming together,  Currently it is lead by FOUNTAINBLUE FILMS, under the design and direction of SUDIP JOSHY and GEETIKA SUDIP, and technical leadership of ROB MORGAN.  We anticipate a number of strategic partnerships, both for the traditional framed media (TFM) and the VR media (VRM) aspects. On the VRM side of things, we are in talks with Oculus,Samsung, Dolby and others.


On the TFM side of things, we anticipate aligning with an ideal premium/OTT media platform, such as HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, etc.


The core to METAMORPHOSIS’s success will be the exceptional story/production it has to offer in the traditional framed media (TFM) format, with the VR media (VRM) being the extraordinary bonus to an otherwise perfect show.


FUNDING:  We are seeking strategic and financial partners. To discuss,contact us.

PRODUCTION: Currently we anticipate shooting the VRM (drone) content first, in a location such as Padmanabhapuram Palace,Kerala, and then shooting theTFM (human) content in the Studios, letting the actors ‘experience’ the VRM as their characters would.  This is preliminary.  The production team will be experienced with mini-series of this sort, and as such will make the line production decisions.

Budget & Funding

At this stage, we are budgeting the film for $3M for final production.  As the pre-production process advances, a preliminary budget will come into focus.  The sources of the budget are currently being identified, but will likely be from a combination of strategic partners (tech companies with an interest in METAMORPHOSIS) and institutional/private investment funds.

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