The first VR 360 video series from India was made for the media corporate Malayala Manorama by our team.This 14 part series titled Glimpses of Kerala has each video showcasing a district of Kerala and its unique historical, artistic or cultural item ,presented by a celebrity from that district. Here is the latest one

The Kathaprasangam from Kottayam

Here is the first one on the Fort Kochi Carnival

Kerala, the surreal tropical paradise, is truly enigmatic and beautiful. The state of Kerala sits in sharp contrast to the rest of India with its highest literacy rate, women outnumbering the number of men, newspaper readership among the highest in the world, world-class health care systems and being the most developed society in India.

2With the Arabian Sea in the west, Western Ghats towering 500-2700 meters in the east and a network of 44 rivers cutting across the state, it is Kerala’s unique geographical features that make it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. The state is divided into 14 districts, all of which offer unique combinations of – shimmering backwaters, bio-diversity hotspots, tropical forests, golden sand beaches, historic monuments, Wildlife Reserves et cetera.
We are making a 360 IMMERSIVE content about the land of Kerala, for a popular news media channel.

The project will be executed in three parts when. The major cultural and historical relevance of Indian civilization will be portrayed in the first 14 experience videos about Kerala.The second video is a music video based on the art form Theyyam from Kannur District

The third video in this series is about the Kasargod district, featuring actors Sanusha and Sanoop.

The second stage will comprise of entertainment videos, pranks and documentaries.

The third stage will be making of immersive content for educational purposes, psychological therapy & interior designing for the same client