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The concept for the experimental, four-way VR production arose out of perfectionism and necessity.  We were already heavily engaged in research  in 2014. But the 360 degree spherical cameras available at the time simply couldn’t produce sufficient quality images. Thus writer/director Sudip Joshy and a group of game design/tech engineers asked the question, Ok, what can we do?

From that limitation came opportunity as we devised a means for shooting four scenes, each about 80˙ wide, with sufficient room (in this case about 10˚) between each of the four scenes.  This is to be shot at the Padmanabhapuram Palace in Tamil Nadu

Early Stage Designs and Renderings




Filmed in stunning HD4K – 360˚ spherical, this live-action feature film will take you where no other has been (yet): INDIA 360, inside a vermin among the ancient of cultures.

With strategic tech partners, we will invent and deploy a new 360 degree, cinema camera rig to be stationed on the ground, or suspended and gyro stabilized beneath a  drone, for comprehensive, you-are-there presence.  All indications of modern humanity will be digitally removed.

We will add a downward-facing hemispherical cinematic camera rig on the bottom of the gyroscoped rig, and another hemispherical cinematic camera rig facing upward on the top of the drone. Then in post-prod we will stitch the many camera feeds to create a full 360 spherical, cinematic presence. This works due to filming in a huge palace, Padmanabhapuram palace.

  • Live-Action.  Immersive.  Plot-Interactive.  Original.
  • In Pre-Production
  • Script available upon request.
  • Anticipated Release:  Early 2017


Potential Partnerships

METAMORPHOSIS VR will be the first narrative, live-action, VR film to immerse an audience in history of India. It will be a terrific cinematic experience that brings a wide new audience to VR cinema. To the right are just a few of the corporate and institutional partnerships that we feel may be a natural fit for this extraordinary experience.



The Kafka Story

Quick Pitch



VR Tech & Abbrevations

Director’s Vision

360 Cinema Film Script

Traditional Film Script