Gregor Samsa( GIRIDHAR)

(Tentative Cast)Voice : FAHADH FAZIL(Malayalam)/ NAWAZZUDIN SIDDIQUI(Hindi)

Peter Parker’s Less Fortunate Cousin, Giridhar is a young ambitious man who toils for his family, only to be hated by them when he converts from his traditions.


 Grete Samsa (GREESHMA) –  

Tentative Cast – RADHIKA APTE

 The first time Greeshma, Giridhar’s violinist sister, appears in the story, we don’t see her. Like the other family members, she’s just a voice behind a wall. But this is also her story – A Totally Different Kind of her Metamorphosis into a bold woman.


Mr. Samsa ( FATHER) –

Tentative Cast- SHEKHAR VENU

Daddy Issues. Mr. Samsa, Gregor’s father, looms as a domineering figure in the novel. With Gregor incapacitated, Mr. Samsa can no longer malinger as a helpless invalid, and he resumes his place as the family head. In our version he is a theyyam(traditional ritual dance form) artist.

  Mrs. Samsa (MOTHER) –

Tentative Cast-KALYANI MENON

Mrs. Samsa is the sympathetic yin to Mr. Samsa’s domineering yang. She’s constantly proclaiming her maternal love for her poor, poor son Gregor—she even throws herself on Mr. Samsa to beg for Gregor.

 The Three Boarders (SADHUS)

The middle boarder appears to be the leader of the three boarders who room at the Samsas’ home. He’s called the middle boarder because he stands in the middle when he first speaks.The other two boarders don’t do much except nod and follow the middle boarder’s lead. They’re the Oates to his Hall, the Garfunkel to his Simon, the other two Supremes to his Diana Ross. in our version they are three sadhus who works against cow slaughter.

The Cleaning Woman

The cleaning woman seems to be a relatively minor character in the novel. In Part Three she comes sweeping in, taking a job that no one else wants. The story doesn’t give us much of a description or a back-story, just that she’s had experience with the “worst” in life

The Office Manager ( The Boat Man )

The boat man makes a brief appearance in the beginning of the story. He’s really only in the story so that we can hear some of the rumors about Gregor’s misbehavior and his possible misuse of office funds.

The Maid

Before the cleaning woman arrives, the Samsas have a maid, a frightened young woman who spends most of the time locked in the kitchen. (We can’t blame her.)