My name is Sudip Joshy. I have been a film maker since around 2004, a slight detour from my bachelors degree in Computer Application and my Masters Degree and M.Phil Degree in Business Economics! I have worked in most areas of video production, feature film making and advertisements from the public sector to media houses to corporate production houses. These days though, I am a gamification consultant and Content Head at Fifth Sparrow  – a dream come true!

My true passion has always been story telling – and music, but story telling mostly! I was introduced to film making very young as my Dad was also a Film Director. This eventually lead me to learn Film Making at the International Film School of Paris, France (EICAR).

In about 2014, after a few experiments with Virtual Reality and 360 degree Film Making , I got interested in motivational psychology and behavioral science. This passion led me to pursue another Masters degree in Psychology and becoming fascinated with the possibilities it had. Thats when I discovered Gamification.

Merging my love of story telling and content development with my computer application, behavioral economics and motivational psychology background, it was the perfect fit. Since then I have worked on design thinking and gamification projects.

I feel privileged to now be considered as a gamification thought leader.

If you want to have a chat, you can hit me up on  LinkedIn or Instagram : sudipjomat

If you have any business related questions for me about consultancy, gamification design, content development or anything else, you can get me at

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